Organic Tea

Beginning your day with a cup of organic tea

Health consciousness has made people look for items of food and drink that are healthy for the body and today, organic tea is believed to be one item that helps in maintaining good health. Absence of chemicals makes organic products toxin free and thereby harmless. Absence of chemicals is due to the fact that no chemical fertilizer is used in cultivation. Organic manure is produced from cow dung, cow urine; organic manure is made from weeds and organic waste, etc. It is advisable to rear animals like cattle, goat and birds because the excreta of these animals is a very good source of organic manure.

Merits of organic tea:

Assam produces both CTC and orthodox tea and many tea gardens presently have begun production of organic tea. It is believed that organic tea has the quality to prevent diseases including cancer. Along with organic green tea, Assam also produces white tea, yellow tea, red tea and whatever variety that can be derived from the species Camellia assamica.

Organic tea makes our body healthy. It keeps body safe and protected from diseases like cancer.
Organic tea gardens keep the environment healthy and help maintaining natural balance.
It increases land fertility.
Protects wildlife living nearby.
Keeps the health of workers in order.
Organic tea has a unique taste, especially the green tea, white tea, red tea of Assam have distinct qualities which are not available in the
Chinese tea.
Organic tea has more nutritional value for which the demand for organic tea is growing in the national and international markets.

It can be said without any hesitation that organic tea from Assam will be able to take a prime position in the world tea market. Apart from keeping good health, organic tea cultivation will help in nature conservation, create more healthy workers and solve the problem of unemployment. (Dr Rinti Dutta who undertook a PhD study on organic tea prepared this survey. Dr Dutta is an assistant professor, Department of Accountancy, Lakhimpur Commerce College.)