Organic Machinemade Tea

Orthodox tea

In many tea gardens in Assam, orthodox tea is produced. CTC tea is produced by cutting the leaves of tea into pieces but orthodox tea is made of one bud and two leaves. Instead of cutting the leaves into pieces, it is rolled and that is why it is called leaf tea in English. Darjeeling and Nilgiris also produce orthodox tea.
Organic orthodox tea is well reputed all over the world and is gaining more and more popularity. Many small tea growers also have started producing this variety of tea.


CTC or dust tea is an item that is too familiar to us. Most households use CTC tea. This kind of tea is prepared according to the taste of individuals. It can be taken with milk, without milk, with ginger and also with spices. Darjeeling CTC is costlier. Assam produces maximum quantity of CTC tea in its gardens.
The taste of tea depends on the quality of water that is used. Whatever brand of tea is bought from the market, a cup of tea will be good only if the water is good and is iron free. To get best results, CTC tea should be dipped in water for 2 to 3 minutes. For milk tea, keep a little milk in the cup and placing the tea on a strainer, boiling water should be poured on it. This will give both flavour and colour to the cup of tea.