Tea & Health

Green tea prevents glaucoma. Tea especially green tea prevents heart attacks. Oolong tea and yellow tea too are preventive of heart attacks. Green tea prevents infections and viruses. Regular drinking of green tea makes the bones tough. The Chinese believe that white tea drinking can make the skin of a man bright, smooth and healthy. Green tea, white tea and yellow tea can destroy cancerous colt cells. Green tea prevents deposit of sugar in blood cells. Green tea and yellow tea prevents obesity. Green tea and other organic tea contain much less caffeine compared to coffee and whatever caffeine that they contain is organic in nature and not chemical.

Caffeine content in tea

Nutrition level in Tea

Primarily one cup of tea contains 18-240 mg polyphenols compounds. Compounds called catechin are the building blocks of black tea polyphenols. They are oxidised to form the theaflavins and thearubigins. Theaflavins comprise 3-5% of black tea and are responsible for its red-orange appearance.